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Ronald F. DeMara

                                                   Professor Ronald F. DeMara

Ronald F. DeMara

News Items

    Recent Publications:
    • 15 April 2015: our paper “Adaptive Mitigation of Radiation-Induced Errors and TDDB in Reconfigurable Logic Fabrics” accepted to North American test workshop (NATW 2015)
    • 2 April 2015: our paper “Self-Scaling Evolution of Analog Computation Circuits with Digital Accuracy Refinement” accepted to 2015 NASA/ESA Conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems (AHS 2015)
    • 31 March 2015: our paper “Design and Evaluation of an Ultra-Area-Efficient Fault-Tolerant QCA Full Adder” accepted to Microelectronics Journal
    • 10 March 2015: Arman Roohi to present "Dual Computational Layer Based Logic Design for QCA Circuits" at DAC 2015 Work-in-Progress Session.
    • 3 March 2015: our paper “Stochastically Estimating Modular Criticality in Large-Scale Logic Circuits Using Sparsity Regularization and Compressive Sensing” accepted to Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications
    • 20 Feb. 2015: our paper “Designing Energy-Efficient Approximate Adders using Parallel Genetic Algorithms” accepted to IEEE Southeastcon 2015 (SECon-2015)
    • 20 Feb. 2015: our paper “Energy and Area Analysis of a Floating-Point Unit in 15nm CMOS Process Technology” accepted to IEEE Southeastcon 2015 (SECon-2015)
    • 15 Feb. 2015: our paper with Yu Bai and Dr. Lin “Optimally Fortifying Logic Reliability through Criticality Ranking” accepted to Electronics
    • 9 Jan. 2015: our paper “Reactive Rejuvenation of CMOS Logic Paths using Self-Activating Voltage Domains” accepted to IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS-2015)
      Advancement and Congratulations:
    • 7 April 2015: Congratulations to Vignesh Thangavel for passing MS Thesis Defense of "Cascaded Digital Refinement for Intrinsic Evolvable Hardware".
    • 6 April 2015: Congratulations to Adnan Aquib Naseer for passing MS Thesis Defense of "Assessing Approximate Arithmetic Designs in the Presence of Process Variations and Voltage Scaling".
    • 30 March 2015: Congratulations to Rizwan Ashraf for receiving ISCAS Doctoral Student Travel Grant.
    • 23 March 2015: Congratulations to Stephen Williams for receiving NSF-funded Young Entrepreneur and Scholars (YES) award during Spring 2015 semester.
    • 19 March 2015: Congratulations to Navid Khoshavi for receiving the David T. & Jane M. Donaldson Memorial Scholarship.
    • 2 Jan. 2015: Professor DeMara to serve on the Program Committee of the IEEE International Conference on Evolvable Systems (ICES-2015).
    • 20 Dec. 2014: Professor DeMara to serve on the Program Committee of 14th IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI (ISVLSI-2015), Digital Circuits and FPGA-Based design track.
    • 15 Dec. 2014: Congratulations to Navid Khoshavi for receiving Society of Reliability Engineering (SRE) scholarship to attend RAMS conference.
    • Press Release:
    • 17 Feb 2015: Professor DeMara awarded Aging-Aware Hardware Trojan Detection at Runtime from Florida Cybersecurity Center
    • 1 Sept. 2014: Professors Yuan (PI) and Cho, Abdolvand, Atia, DeMara, and Gong awarded NSF I/UCRC Center for Multi-functional Integrated System Technology (MIST) grant from National Science Foundation (NSF), September 2014 – August 2019 for UCF I/UCRC Site.
    • Sept. 2014: NSF-funded Exhibit debuts at Orlando Science Center
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