Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Technical Seminar Series
Friday 9/16/16 11:45am Dr. DeMara proposal season outlook HEC 450
Friday 9/30/16 11:15am Navid Energy-aware Data Movement in NVM-based Memory Hierarchy HEC 450
Friday 10/07/16 11:15am Faris Soft-Error Resilience Framework for Reliable and Energy-Efficient Computing Architectures HEC 450
Friday 10/14/16 11:15am Steven proposal exam slides dry run including gant chart for future work and research questions with quantitative metric improvement goals HEC 450
Thursday 11/17/16 1:00pm Arman Non-Volatile Logic-In-Memory Computation using Spin-Hall-Effect-Based Datapaths HEC 113
Thursday 11/17/16 2:00pm Ramtin Pinpoint Vertical Integration of Spintronic Devices for Reconfigurable Resiliency HEC 113
Friday 12/9/16 11:15am --- Tamarind Fun Lunch depart DeMaras office ---

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  • Adnan and Vignesh Graduation Luncheon
  • AHS Conference
  • Design Automation Conference
  • EPC Operations Dinner
  • HARSH Workshop
  • HPCA Conference 1
  • HPCA Conference 2
  • IEEE Conference on Evolvable Systems
  • IEEE ICES Dinner
  • IEEE ICES Registration_Volunteering
  • Workshop on Highly-Reliable Power-Efficient Embedded Designs 1
  • AHS tour of Montreal Cosmodome
  • jquery slideshow
  • Undergraduate Research Forum
  • ISQED Presentation
  • Award for Excellence by a Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • wordpress slider plugin
  • Navid’s Thesis Defense
Adnan and Vignesh Graduation Luncheon1 AHS Conference2 Design Automation Conference3 EPC Operations Dinner4 HARSH Workshop 5 HPCA Conference 16 HPCA Conference 27 IEEE Conference on Evolvable Systems8 IEEE ICES Dinner9 IEEE ICES Registration_Volunteering10 Workshop on Highly-Reliable Power-Efficient Embedded Designs 111 AHS tour of Montreal Cosmodome12 Non-Autonomous Satellite Repair13 Undergraduate Research Forum14 ISQED Presentation15 Award for Excellence by a Graduate Teaching Assistant 16 ASEE National Conference17 Navid’s Thesis Defense18

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