Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Research Overview

Reconfigurable Fabrics: Evolvable Hardware focusing on self-healing and group testing techniques to extend mission lifetime of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Field Programmable Analog Arrays (FPAAs).
Deeply-Scaled CMOS Design: Extraction and remodeling of critical paths to optimize energy-delay-product and aging-mitigation in ALU design.
Emerging Logic Devices: Design and modeling of post-CMOS switching devices emphasizing non-Von Neumann logic-in-memory computing approaches.
Performance-Aware Datapaths: Energy and Quality-Aware architectures for signal and image processing.
Resources available:
    – 1000 sq ft of lab and cubicle space in HEC-242 and EB1-274
    – Access to Stokes 2400 core cluster
      – Servers and Workstation
             • Two Dell PowerEdge R620 (16G RAM, 16 cpu cores, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2690 0 @ 2.90GHz)
             • Two Sun Solaris Servers
             • A 16-node Dell Power-edge 1950 cluster, per node Dual Dual-core Intel Xeon Processor, 4GB memory, 2 500/144 GB SATA/SAS hard drives
             • A 48-node Sun Solaris cluster
             • A data archive center for SEECS Data warehouse project, including two Dell storage servers and four PowerVault MD1000 Storage Trays
             • An 8-SCSI-Disk RAID System
             • High-end PC Workstations: 8 dedicated + 5 shared
             • Tens of Dell workstations
      – Testing Equipment
             • A Tektronix MSO4104 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
             • A Tektronix TLA6403 Logic Analyzer
             • A Tektronix TLA5204B Logic Analyzer
             • An Agilent N6705 DC Power Analyzer
             • A Keithley 2000 Multimeter
      – FPGA Platform/Design Kits
             • Two BEECube BEE4-LX550T-U 64GB RAM
             • Two miniBEECube
             • 15 Xilinx FPGA Embedded Kit Kintex-7
             • 12 Avnet Zynq-7000 Zedboard
             • 3 Virtex 7 boards, Vivado floating licenses plus ISE and planahead
      – EDA Toolchains
             • Cadence University Bundle
             • Synopsys University Bundle
             • Xilinx Vivado/ISE Design Edition
             • Licensed framework toolchain for dynamic partial reconfiguration of  Xilinx devices

University of Central Florida