Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

          Ronald F. DeMara

Dr. Ronald F. DeMara, Ph.D, University of Southern California


Research interests:

  • Adaptive Computer Architectures
  • Resilient and Energy-aware Logic Design
  • Evolvable Hardware and FPGAs
  • Autonomous, Reconfigurable, and Self-aware Systems
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    Associated Faculty

              Ronald F. DeMara

    Dr. Jun Wang, Ph.D, University of Cincinnati

    Associate Professor

    Research interests:

  • Big Data and Big Compute Systems
  • Data-intensive High Performance Computing
  • Massive Storage and File System
  • I/O Architecture

  •           Mingjie

    Dr. Mingjie Lin, Ph.D, Stanford University

    Assistant Professor

    Research interests:

  • Computer Architecture/Compiler
  • Reconfigurable Computing
  • Integrated Circuit and System Design
  • Low-power Computing

  •           Yier Jin

    Dr. Yier Jin, Ph.D, Yale University

    Assistant Professor

    Research interests:

  • Secure, trusted, and reliable processors and integrated circuits
  • Emerging Technology and its applications in security
  • Cryptographic hardware and embedded systems
  • Micro-processor architecture with high security and reliability

  •           Deliang Fan

    Dr. Deliang Fan, Ph.D, Purdue University

    Assistant Professor

    Research interests:

  • Nanoscale Emerging Device Modeling
  • Brain-inspired (Neuromorphic) Computing
  • Low Power Digital and Mixed Signal Circuit Design
  • Cross-layer (Device/ Circuit/ Architecture) Co-Design for Ultra-low Power, High Performance System

  • Ph.D. Assistants - Prof. DeMara


    Soheil Salehi, B.Sc. (Isfahan University of Technology)

    Research interests:
  • Reconfigurable and Adaptive Computer Architectures
  • Low Power and Reliability-Aware VLSI circuits
  • Deep Sub-micron Technology Challenges

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    Ramtin Zand, M.Sc. (Sharif University)

    Research interests:
  • Reconfigurable Architecture
  • Adaptive Computer Architecture
  • Spintronic-based Computing Architectures

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    Faris Alghareb, M.Sc. (Mosul University)

    Research interests:
  • Reliable Computer Architectures
  • VLSI Design with Emphasis on Low Power and High Performance
  • Imprecise Signal Processing

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    Arman Roohi, M.Sc. (Science and Research Branch of the IAU)

    Research interests:
  • Low Power and Reliability-Aware VLSI circuits
  • Reconfigurable and Adaptive Computer Architectures
  • Beyond CMOS computing, with emphasis on Spintronics and QCA

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    Steven Pyle, M.Sc. (University of Central Florida)

    Research interests:
  • Highly Parallel Computing Architectures
  • Evolvable Hardware
  • Beyond CMOS Computing Architectures, particularly spintronics

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    Completed Ph.D. Graduates - Prof. DeMara


      1. Navid

        Dr. Navid Khoshavi became a faculty member at Florida Polytechnic University.

      2. Yu

        Dr. Yu Bai became a faculty member at California State University at Fullerton. (Co-advised with Prof. M. Lin).

      3. Ahmad

        Dr. Ahmad Al-Zahrani became a faculty member at Umm Al-Qura University.

      4. Rizwan

        Dr. Rizwan A. Ashraf is a postdoc at Oak Ridge National Labs.

      5. Naveed

        Dr. Naveed Imran became a Technical Staff at AMD, Inc.

      6. Oreifej

        Dr. Rashad Oreifej is a Senior Technical Staff at Qualcomm, Inc.

      7. Al-haddad

        Dr. Rawad Al-Haddad is a Senior Hardware Engineer at Apple, Inc.

      8. Leon-Barth

        Dr. Carlos Leon-Barth became a Research Scientist at L3 Communications.

      9. Zhang

        Dr. Kening Zhang is a Senior Manager at Baidu, Inc. in Beijing City, China.

      10. Sharma

        Dr. Carthik Sharma is an Instructor at Puppet Labs in Portland, OR.

      11. Heng

        Dr. Heng Tan became Senior Digital Hardware Engineer/Project Group Leader at xG Technology, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

      12. Bahr

        Dr. Bahr became an Assistant Professor at TAMU Central Texas, and is now retired.

      13. Vargas

        Dr. Vargas is a tenured faculty member at the University of Costa Rica.

      14. Rocke

        Dr. Adam Rocke is a fulltime faculty member at Seminole State College.

      15. Smith

        Dr. Scott Smith is Professor and ECE Department Chair at the North Dakota State University.

      16. Tseng

        Dr. Yili Tseng is Associate Professor at Rivier University.

      17. Ma

        Dr. Ma formed and operated his own computing consulting company.

      18. Motlagh

        Dr. Bahman Motlagh is Professor and Assistant Chair at Daytona State College.

    Completed M.S. Graduates - Prof. DeMara


      1. Navid
        Navid Khoshavi

        His research interest includes Online error detection and recovery in multicore processors, and Emerging technology utilization in memory hierarchy module.

      2. Mohan
        Mohan Krishna Gopi Krishna

        His research interest includes Reconfigurable Computer Architecture, and Low power VLSI design.

      3. Steven
        Steven Pyle

        His research interest includes Highly Parallel Computing Architectures, and Evolvable Hardware.

      4. Vignesh
        Vignesh Thangavel

        His research interest includes Evolvable Hardware (Evolution of System on Chip and Hybrid Analog-Digital Architectures), Adaptive systems and Wireless Sensor Networks.

      5. Adnan
        Adnan Aquib Naseer

        His research interest includes Reliable Architectures and Adaptive Systems.

      6. M. Parris

        He is Avionics Design Lead at NASA Kennedy Space Center. His research interest includes Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) reliability, computer networks, basic software development, LabVIEW.

      7. R. Dookhoo joined industry at a software consulting company.

      8. Tseng

        G. Wang started and operates his own company.

      9. Tseng

        D. Lin hired by technology start-up company in San Jose, California.

      10. Tseng

        L. Wang hired by Oracle Corporation in Orlando, Florida.

      11. Tseng

        B. Kapoor hired by Motorola Corporation in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

      12. Tseng

        Y. Zhu hired by AT&T in Santa Clara, California.

      13. Tseng

        J. Lu hired by Ingenix, Inc in Hartford, Connecticut.

      14. Tseng

        Dr. Carlos Leon-Barth hired by IBM Corporation.

      15. Tseng

        D. Hammer hired by General Dynamics in Buffalo, New York.

      16. Tseng

        P. J. Wilder is the Dean of College of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics, Vincennes University, Vincennes, IN.

      17. Tseng

        B. Rosada hired as lecturer in Dominican Academy in Brookyln, New York.

      18. Tseng

        H. Zhu hired by technology start-up company in San Jose, California.

      19. Tseng

        S. Sripathi hired by Siemens Corporation in St. Paul, Minnesota.

      20. Tseng

        K. Drake employed at Lockheed Martin Information Systems in Orlando, Florida.

      21. Tseng

        S. E. Crawford hired by Raytheon in Indianapolis, Indiana.

      22. Tseng

        H. A. Bahr was employed at STRICOM in Orlando, Florida.

      23. Tseng

        R. A. Cagle hired by Honeywell in Clearwater, Florida.

      24. Tseng

        R. N. Mercer hired by Oracle Corporation in Orlando, Florida.

      25. Tseng

        N. Shah hired by AT&T in Boston, Massachusetts.

    M.S. Project Graduates - Prof. DeMara


    Sindhu Muttineni

    Research interests:
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Security and Malware and Software Vulnerability Analysis
  • Computer Networks

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    PavanSuta Hosaagrahara Dakshinamurthy

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    Undergraduate Research Assistants - Prof. DeMara



    Stephen Williams

    Research interests:
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Analog and Digital Circuit Design
  • Low-power Embedded Systems

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    Completed Research Undergraduates - Prof. DeMara

      1. Tseng
        Nour Oreifej, FPGA Fault Recovery Simulation Environment, Undergraduate Exchange Research Project, Training completed September, 2005.

        – Account Technology Strategist at Microsoft.

      2. Tseng
        K. Milliord, Voting Schemes to Enhance the Performance of Evolutionary Repair in Reconfigurable Logic Devices, Honors Thesis, Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering, University of Central Florida, May, 2005.

        – Student entered graduate program at Columbia University.

      3. Tseng
        K. Carter, An AI Performance Benchmark for the n-Cube-2, Honors Thesis, Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering, University of Central Florida, Fall, 1993.

        – Student entered graduate program at Georgia Institute of Technology

    Post Doctoral Mentees - Prof. DeMara


      1. Rizwan

        Dr. Rizwan A. Ashraf is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Oak Ridge National Labs.

      2. Dr. Jaafar Alghazo, Post-Doctoral Researcher from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, U.S.A., at UCF Campus during 2007 – 2008 academic year.

      3. Dr. Ayman Alnsour, Post-Doctoral Researcher from Al-Isra University, Amman, Jordan, at UCF Campus during 2007 – 2008 academic year.

    University of Central Florida