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BS CpE Flowchart

Four-year Study Plan and Prerequisite Map

Popular Technical Elective spossible upon written approval:


  • EEL4765: Embedded Computer Systems
  • EEL4783: Computer-Aided Engineering Design
  • EEL4791: Telemetry and Space Computer Systems
  • EEL4818: Machine Learning I
  • EEL4817: Machine Learning II
  • EEL4872: Engineering Applications of Intelligent Systems
  • EEL4890: Continuous System Simulation
  • CAP4630: Artificial Intelligence
  • COP4520: Concepts of Parallel and Distributed Processing
  • COP4710: Database Systems
  • CAP5512: Evolutionary Computation
  • EEL5357: CMOS Analog and Digital IC Design
  • EEL5704: Computer Aided Logical Design
  • EEL5708: High Performance Computer Architecture
  • EEL5722: Field-Programmable Gate Array Design
  • EEL5771: Engineering Applications of Computer Graphics
  • Senior Project and Honor Thesis: contact me to discuss.
  • Jason J. Gu, “Technical English”14 November 2006