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Project-Related Publications:

  1. Chen, R. F. DeMara, and L. O. Campbell, “Facilitating synchronous team design activities to promote cognitive presence in a remote engineering laboratory class,Online Learning Consortium Accelerating Learning Conference (OLC-2020), Orlando, FL, USA, November 9-18, 2020.
  2. M. Nader, R. F. DeMara, A. Tatulian, and B. Chen, “Authenticated Testing during Blended Delivery: Impacts on Assessment Scores within an Engineering Undergraduate Core Course,” in Proceedings of American Society for Engineering Education Southeastern Conference (ASEE-SE-21), delivered virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions, March 8-10, 2021.

Other Selected STEM-Educational Publications by Members of Project Team:

  1. L. O. Campbell, S. Heller, and R. F. DeMara, “Implementing Student-Created Video in Engineering: An Active Learning Approach for Exam Preparedness,” International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy, Vol. 9, No. 4, pp. 63-75, 2019. [Download pdf]
  2. R. F. DeMara, L. O. Campbell, R. Hartshorne, and S. Spiegel, “Workshop on Digitally-Mediated Team Learning: Advancing Collaborative Problem-Solving within the STEM Classroom,” in Proceedings of
    NSF Conference on Cyberlearning (CL-2019)
    Alexandria, VA, USA, October 3 – 4, 2019.
  3. R. F. DeMara, L. O. Campbell, R. Hartshorne, S. Spiegel, and J. G. Katz, “Community Report on Digitally-Mediated Team Learning,” National Science Foundation (NSF) Center for Innovative Research in Cyberlearning (CIRCL) Rapid Community Report August 1, 2019. [Download pdf]
  4. R. F. DeMara, J. E. Beck, L. O. Campbell, R. Hartshorne, S. Spiegel, Z. Chen, M. Dagley, E. Hernandez, T. Tian, T. Gibson, S. Sheikhfaal, A. Tatulian, H. Pourmeidani, and H. Esteves, “Methods and Outcomes of the NSF Project on Synthesizing Environments for Digitally-Mediated Team Learning,” in Proceedings of American Association for Engineering Education Annual Conference (ASEE-2019), Tampa, FL, USA, June 16 – 19, 2019. [Download pdf]
  5. R. F. DeMara, S. Silvermann, M. Reddy-Vangala, and M. Hossain, “Imparting Future Workforce Skills using Virtualized Active Learning: A Case Study in an Engineering Core Course,” Florida Online Innovation Summit (FOIS-2020) Orlando, FL, USA, March 3, 2020. [Download pdf]

Book on STEM Education Topics:

  1. L.O. Campbell, R. Hartshorne, R. F. DeMara, “Digitally-Mediated Team Learning: Foundational Perspectives,” Ed., Springer Publishing, approx. 350 pages, (content completed and in-press).