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Principal Investigators

Dr. Ronald F. DeMara

Pegasus Professor

Research interests:
  • Adaptive Computer Architectures
  • Resilient and Energy-aware Logic Design
  • Evolvable Hardware and FPGAs
  • Autonomous, Reconfigurable, and Self-aware Systems
Dr. Laurie O. Campbell

Assistant Professor and Director

Research interests: Instructional Design and Technology
Dr. Florencio Eloy Hernández

Professor, Associate Dean of the College of Community Innovation and Education

Research interests: Application of state-of-the-art TwoPhoton Circular Dichroism (TPCD), and the Physical-Chemical and Optical Properties of Nanomaterials

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Dr. Alex Mejia

Assistant Professor

Research interests: The funds of knowledge of Latinx adolescents to solve engineering problems, and engineering and literacy education for equity

Graduate Research Assistants

Shadi Sheikhfaal M.S. (Science and Research Branch of the IAU)

Doctoral Graduate

Graduate became Digital Designer at MixComm / Sivers Semiconductors

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Sadiyah Salim Bhuria M.S. (University of Central Florida)

Masters Student

Research interests:
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining

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