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Spring 2020:

Topic: Emerging Arithmetic Logic Units and Trade-off Analysis

Designs for Energy Consumption Optimization under a Non-Volatile condition
Analyzing RNG Computation-Based Designs and Calculating the Simulated Energy Consumption
Deep Belief Networks with synchronal calculations of Energy Consumptions, and MIPS Assembly Programs amongst robust designs
DBN LAYERING: Stochastic And Latent Variables
Optimized energy consumption via circuit based Full-Adder Boolean logic
Energy consumption of Assembly Language Code in MIPS using Deep Belief Networks
A Comparison of Proposed Full Adder Designs and Their Impacts on the Energy Consumption of an Assembly Program
MIPS ALU Energy Consumption Calculation in Reference to Various RNG Circuit Designs
Reliability Metrics considered in the realm of Digital Systems and Bit-Cell Memory
User Statement & Input Automated Word Design
Energy consumption enhancements using Full Adder based circuits
Optimization of Memory Bit-cells via Self-timed Logic Designs
Analysis of a MIPS Assembly Program Total Energy Consumption and Full-Adder Circuit Designs
How Reliability is improved by the use of Triple Modular Redundancy
Energy Consumption of Various Memory Cell Technologies During MIPS Code Execution
Reliable Nanometer Tech with Addresses and Index
The effect of DBN circuits on the energy consumption of a program
The Decision Making Circuit
Improved energy expenditures by implementing Full Adder Boolean logic
Increasing Reliability of Latches Through SEU and DNU Tolerant Designs
Reliability Methods of Modern Computer Software and Bit-Cell Hardware